Homeowners Insurance

homeHomeowners insurance protects your house and your possessions. Insurance protection is an important part of owning a home. Homeowners insurance/home insurance helps you to protect your home, both inside and out.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance will compensate you for any losses/damages to your home and your possessions within. Think of it as an additional layer of security for your home investment. Homeowners insurance also protects you from the following:

    • Someone else’s injuries on your property
    • Damages to other structures on your property (boathouses, pools, etc)
    • Damages caused by storms
    • Damages caused by fire
    • Damages caused by theft
    • Optional coverages available for jewelry, computers/electronics, personal property

Homeowners insurance will also cover the expenses of living elsewhere in case any covered event causes you to have to leave your home (flood, natural disasters, etc). Every company and insurance policy is different, so choosing the right policy means finding a good mix of the coverages that will meet your specific needs.

What if I own a townhouse?

Depends on your situation. Some townhouse associations have a master policy, in which case you only need to purchase a tenant homeowners insurance policy to insure personal property. Other townhouse associations may not have such master policies, in which case you would treat your townhouse as a normal home and purchase a homeowners policy for it.